Thursday, 12 August 2010

The Glorious Consumer

The First installment Is Slightly Delayed But Here's Part 2 Of The Unexpected Introduction!

So following last Wednesday's The Glorious Consumer I have since emailed Games Workshop to try and get a response on this matter. My first email was sent 5th August about midday and I outlined my disappointment with the product I was sent and how I felt it failed to live up to what it is portrayed to be by the website. I also described my disappointment about how unhelpful their customer service representative had been on the phone. I received an email in response informing me how Games Workshop try to respond to their emails within 48 hours where possible but that it might take slightly longer at particularly busy times. 96 hours later (not including the Sunday) I emailed them again, making sure my original email was part of the message asking for a response as it had reached 96 hours and still nobody had gotten back to me. Now we're at over 120 hours since my initial email and I'm still waiting for ANY response from Games Workshop let alone a helpful one!
That's Games Workshop having managed to hook themselves 2 of these Glorious Consumer rants, the third will only be a conclusion. Either they've given me my money back or they've actually been helpful and reversed the bad trend of this ordering experience so far!

As for the feature proper, I'm still awaiting a couple of deliveries, once I have them I'll get to work on the first real review!


Sigismund said...

That is disappointing to hear. I thought GW would make a better effort to provide a variety of bits.

As for Maelstrom Games, I've placed three orders with them. Each order was perfect. The shipping took a bit long; HOWEVER, I do live across the ocean and shipping was still FREE! Love Maelstrom Games.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Glad to hear your thoughts on Maelstrom. I'll share mine later this week (postman willing!) but for the most part I am impressed so unless when my last order arrives they've made a right mess of it they should be getting positive feedback from this here blog!

redmanphill said...

I found Maelstrom to be okay... they have their issues too. I order quite a lot from them as the discount is generous and the free postage excellent.
However don't order a book from them on its own. It will be sent in a downright terrible envelope and it is most likely that it will get damaged. Somethimes with the hardback books you will get a box but even that is often not sufficent. My warmachine harback book actually had the front cover torn from its binding while in the post.
E-mails often go unanswered there too. I usually call them and then they are always helpful. There is someone in that office though ignoring mails!