Friday, 6 August 2010

So Very Nearly Finished Land Raider

I was infuriatingly close to finishing the Land Raider and the paintbrush I need for all the detail that's left to paint has died. To be fair I generally run my brushes into the ground and this wasn't unexpected, I'm waiting for a delivery with my new paintbrushes in it, it was just typical that I have to do the shading on the weapons and paint the 'trophies' and that's pretty much everything except for a little bit of tidying up. I suppose it leaves time for some feedback before I finish it so that I can fix anything that I've not spotted! So here's a few unfinished pics:

As you can see, a good few messy unfinished bits but it's an hour of work at the very most, frustrating! If the brushes don't turn up today then I'll start prepping the rest of the minis so that I can make a start on blocking in the colours on them in the mean time as it's very much a case of stand still now and I won't get these finished in time!