Saturday, 29 August 2009


Whilst working on Vela I made use of the leftover greenstuff to do some more work on Amador who's been a little neglected as of late. Very poor pics I'm afraid and an awful lot of work to do still but gives you an idea of what I have planned. He's going to be a lot more flamboyant yet though. I'm thinking of giving him three trailing penants kind of like the Green Knight amongst other things!
Ignore the base, just the first one I found lying around to tac him on to!


Shrink to Fit said...

Yeah! This guy looks badass! Can't wait to see him progress.

Anonymous said...

Wow awesome work! He is one of the nicest Chaos Lords I have seen converted up! Really great job mate. Get him and Vela done for the challenge! Hehe

zealot said...

looks cool man. can't wait to see 'im painted.