Monday, 17 August 2009

The Hellcannon

I've finished the Hellcannon. Sadly the same cannot be said of the crew!

Technically speaking I haven't finished putting the Hellcannon together. I hate the weird animal skull mouth thing and so didn't put it on but haven't done anything with the cannon frame where the chains would normally go to hold the skull. I'm going to leave these as they are for the minute as it doesn't look glaringly wrong and I want to make sure I get it right so I might come back to that when I've done the other Hellcannon to get a unified look for them or something.
The base is 100 x 100mm. In theory the Hellcannon is meant to go on a 80 x 100mm base (the largest in Warhammer) but it doesn't actually fit on that size base if you want to use the chains etc. So instead I used a 100 x 100mm movement tray (I figure against anyone who has a problem with the base size I can just pop one of the Chaos Dwarf crew in the corner to take up the spare 20mm). I filled the recessed middle with cardboard cut to size and coated in pva glue. I used green stuff to fill the gaps between the tray's rim and the cardboard and to try and create a shape for the snow going over the edges. Then it was just a case of painting it and flocking it. I decided not to put the flock down behind the cannon's furnace. I'm not sure how well you can glean that from the photos but I figured any snow next to that heat would have melted if the cannon had been there for any length of time. Instead I've painted this a mucky brown and glossed it to try and make it look wet from the snow. If anyone has any suggestions on how to improve this effect I'd love to hear them.

Anyhow. Please comment, criticise, or make any suggestions you'd like, I'd be extremely grateful to hear them.


Grégory Privat said...

What I like the most : the cold look of the canon, very different from the "official" picture.

What I dislike the most : all the brass. I think there s too much of it and although you ve put some lavis on it, it still looks too clean.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Gregory. The colour scheme is very much a thematic choice. As is the decision not to weather the metal. I know as far as realism and painting goes its not brilliant as a result. But my Warriors follow Slaanesh and the theme for the army was they worshipped more the Pride/Vanity side of Slaanesh's character so would keep the metals in near pristine condition. Thanks for taking the time to comment! :)

Eric said...

Well... I had a full critique but I clicked on a picture to get another look and my post went away :(

- Looks Great
- Love the snow effects
- Metal may not be distressed but that may be
due to the ruinous powers
- Perfect can be unnerving too
- Only critique comes from the wheel chains
- Facing backwards instead of forwards
- I would think that the chains would face
the other way so to keep the cannon in
place after firing
- However, cannon may be alive due to chaos
and chains are in place to keep it from
running off (depending on fluff)
- Bottom line is that it looks good and I wish
you luck in your competition

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Eric. You're spot on with the chains. The Hellcannon is very much alive and quite often fails its rampage check and goes charging off to eat its enemy instead of firing at them so the chains are to try and restrain it from running away! Chaos! That is the brilliant thing about the Hellcannon, it's a better monster than it is a warmachine and even when it misfires it usually charges forward or causes all the wizards on the table to miscast (which can be hillarious!) :D Glad you like it and thank you for commenting.

noeste said...
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noeste said...

Well, I've already commented at the Chaos ToFP-thread, but now that I see it again -mayhaps a bit more awake and sharp than yesternight- I've noticed that you've painted the skills of the skull piles, in another colour of bone, than the bone on the Hellcannon.

Any particular reason for this?
Also, did you try to do the stakes pinning the chains to the ground, in brass, rather than that white metal colour?

Just a few more thoughts on how to make the skull piles sort of merge better in with the rest of the model.

(Owh and sorry for messing up your otherwise orderly and nice comment-box, by deleting my post, but uhm, I simply had to edit what I first had written, and guess I panicked..)

Elazar The Glorified said...

Hehe no worries about the mess you've made of my comments! Lol! :D I made the skulls whiter so they contrasted with the more ebony bone colour of the cannon itself. The metal posts are actually boltgun metal washed with badab black and then highlighted up but do look very white so might try making them brass to contrast the ground around them better like you say. Hmmm, food for thought. Thank you Noeste :)

noeste said...

It just struck me as odd, that's all; I don't know if it'll look better with brass stakes.

How's the crew coming along? I'm curious if, and in that case how, you'll get the bone-colour theme, onto those stunties!

Elazar The Glorified said...

I'm just taking a break from painting the little fellas now. I've done the helmets and beard 'decorations' in Devotees Bone (tm) hehe. Their clothing I'm doing purple just so I can paint a different colour and I've done their skin dark just to give me something different to paint again. I'm quite enjoying painting them, they're lovely little sculpts actually.

unforgivenangels said...

Fantastic work mate! I really like the overall colour scheme. It looks trully Slaanesh like. Really nicely done, especially the metallics. I think you are right about them being polished to perfection, Slaanesh represents just that and I could imagine a few Chaos Dwarfs shining the symbols while battle rages all around

noeste said...

I really like those small Chaos Dwarfs aswell, really good sculpts! Can barely wait for pictures of them!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks 73rd! I now love the image of a chaos dwarf polishing the metal on the Hellcannon so much that I may have to convert one doing just that for the second Hellcannon when I get to it!

Rogue Pom said...

Its come up really well. I'm jealous that yours is actually finished while mine languishes on my bench primed and unloved.

Just to be a picky git, it looks on that second to last pic that you missed a mold line down the middle of the rear wheel and some wash has dried around it otherwise a stunning piece.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the comment Rogue Pom. Good spot on the wheel as well. Will have to fix that! (There's always one!) :)