Monday, 31 August 2009

Hellcannon Aral'vakran

Such is the vanity of Elazar that trophies are taken from all his victories, no matter their size or manner.
Aral'vakran was a rival Daemon Prince of Slaanesh who competed with Elazar for their god's favour. The Daemons' respective followers waged war upon one another and once the Devotees of Elazar had establish the upper hand the two immortal beings clashed in combat. Elazar bested Aral'vakran and bound the Daemon within a small trinket box.
Decades passed by and Elazar, courting the Dwarven Daemonsmith Vogner Ungart, gave the bound Daemon Prince as a gift in exchange for the dwarf's servitude.
Once more Aral'vakran marches at the head of armies but now, instead, as a bound slave. Deep inside the cannon bearing his name lies the same trinket box striving to contain its prisoners rage within the warmachine, all the while Elazar watches in amusement.

I know only the crew picture and background is new but this is the completed Hellcannon so just wanted a post to tie everything together!


noeste said...

Looing really good, but I believe I already said that at Warseer *smiles*
I forgot to praise your short piece of fluff, though - clearly one of the things which makes your work so special, is exactly those few words you add along with it; not only are they a nice read, but also shows how much time and soul you put into each of your models!
So keep it up!

John said...

Very very nice mate looks great