Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Chaos Land Raider Crusader & A Wrecked Vehicle Marker

After reaching that target last night of completing 2 of the Grey Hunters I set to work on Kaldor's Land Raider Crusader. Nothing interesting yet.

I started putting this together with the sides separate from the middle with the good intentions of painting the interior and trying some khornification of it. Sadly, the Forge World front door I had was warped. Credit to Forge World I phoned them up and they sent out replacement ones. Sadly, whilst the replacement was better it was still far from brilliant. The front door was too wide so I had to file back the sides to get it to fit that way but sadly the bars are far too short and so it doesn't sit properly and the gear to make the 2 hatches on front open together doesn't go anywhere near it. So, it's now glued in place and the tank will have to be sealed off. A little disappointed as I was looking forward to having a nice Land Raider with working doors and a blood-soaked interior. On the plus side once it's built it'll only take half as long to paint it!

Such is my confidence in how long the Land Raider will last in a battle that I've already made a 'counter' for when it gets wrecked. Works much better as a video than as an image so have a look.

Might have to sort my video camera out instead of using my phone and maybe do a few more videos for this blog.


Silar said...

As I've said before else where that blast marker is great! I really need a few of these for my grav tanks.

I've also heard a lot of bad things about tank doors from forgeworld. You'd think they would spent a bit of time checking the quality of a product before they send them out.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks! If you or anybody else wants I can do a quick tutorial. Not much to them really but they look really effective for a few minutes work! I'll look forward to seeing some appearing on your blog soon! :D

It is a shame really. The detail on them is amazing and they really improve the look of the tanks and help to reduce the amount of Imperial iconography on Chaos tanks! But it was disappointing that they didn't at least check an item they were sending out as a replacement for a faulty item. I'm sure if I phoned them again they'd probably fix the problem as they really do make the effort for the customer but I need to get these built and I can only wait around so long!