Wednesday, 2 June 2010

Making A Wet Palette

,Ok, I wrote this up for my gaming club forum but it's just as valid here although there are numerous tutorials for this out there, and many of them better written I'm sure!

A wet palette lets you mix your paints as you'd expect from a palette but because it's wet the paints don't dry up when you're using them.
It's dead simple to make as well.
All you need is:
1 tupperware pot (a lid isn't essential but if you have one the colours can last overnight etc.)
Toilet roll
Greaseproof paper (baking paper) - Cut a sheet of this the same size as your pot.


You need grease proof paper or baking paper. The supermarkets all sell it in rolls usually where the sandwhich bags etc are.

First roll up the toilet roll and line the bottom of the pot with it (about a finger-width in thickness does the job) .


Then pour in some water. Quite a bit so the tissue is soaked but not like a swimming pool with loads of water swishing about!


Then you just lay the paper on top.



Then just mix your paints on the greaseproof paper, the paper takes up moisture from the tissue below without being soaked through and so your paints stay wet so you can use them for much, much, much longer. Makes mixing and blending etc so much easier as well as being a good way to thin down your paints a little without having to keep soaking your brush!


It costs £11.99 for one of Galeforce 9's wet palettes or you can make that for a few quid if you don't already have these things in the house!


Kuffeh said...

Great stuff dude. I have one I brought, rather than made but I use a sponge for my 'base'. One of the sponge dishcloths. Works perfectly well and mine came in a pack of three our four.

Nice tutorial.