Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Grey Hunters Commission & Early WIP Shot Of Zakarn The Frenzied

Poor, poor pictures of how these were. I've done a bit more since and will get the rest done over the next few days.




I think the Inquisition need to have a word with the Space Puppies about their flagrant disregard for health and safety though. Painting that many eyes made my eyes go squiffy! If only they wore their battle helms like the safety conscious Ultramarines!

Took a break from painting to start putting together another mini for this. Didn't have anywhere near enough time to think about anything other than washing the Land Raider sprues so made a start on Zakarn The Frenzied the second of my counts as Lone Wolves.

He'll be getting a Chain Axe in his right hand when I get it and then I'll be adding some Khornate decoration to him.

Also, took my kids shopping for my father's day present. Well, we sorted their grandad's so then it was clear that I deserved something.


These are absolutely awesome! They'll hopefully look great on the display board I'm making for the Gorewing army for the tournament in August.


Tony said...

Firstly - Happy Fathers Day! A little early - I think!

I've seen the space marine statue a couple of times and it always looks impressive, I look forward to seeing what you do with yours.


noeste said...

Nice to see some progress on the wolves - although some better pictures would be very much welcomed!

The terrain's simply gorgeous, seen it at the local GW not too long ago, and I'm pretty sure you'll enjoy painting it. Looking forward to that display board and the rest of the Gorewing getting their conversions done and colours to wear.

Elazar The Glorified said...

@Tony: Thanks, yes, quite early but it was important my kids knew what to get with plenty of notice! :D

@Noeste: Yeah, will get better pics next time but just wanted to take some quickly to prove I had worked on them! Hehe!
I can't believe how big the terrain is! I mean I'd seen it in the shops but getting it home to look at and the aquilla is certainly going to be in the centre of my display board with the Gorewing trampling it underfoot and maybe sparing a few bolter rounds to ruin it further...
The display board isn't going to be anything too flash. Just a board painted to match the bases with maybe a few bits of rubble and scenery on. Don't want to get stuck doing too much work on it and failing to get the army finished! :D