Wednesday, 28 July 2010

The Glorious Works Logo Challenge

I'm looking for a new logo for The Glorious Works and so I thought I'd open that up as a competition. The prize is this converted Dragon. I'm quite proud of the conversion and it'll make a great centrepiece in anyone's army. It can have a rider added to it or it has the potential to be used for the Transformation of Khadon spell etc. It still needs a little bit of work to tidy it all up but I'll have that done and post updated pictures soon.

I'm looking for a logo that I can use in banners etc. So it preferably needs to be scaleable and of a high resolution but more importantly it needs to follow the rule of cool and represent The Glorious Works. You might decide to draw a demon painting a mini (actually that'd be a really cool idea if anybody wants to try it!) or come up with a cool logo using the initials of the site or something else entirely. I'm looking for originality and something that stands out from all the other entries.

So now the rules and terms & conditions:
The challenge closes at the end of 10th September. The entries will be judged after this point and I'll try to post the results as soon as possible afterwards.
Your design must be your own work. No manipulation of other peoples images etc.
Entries will be preferred in the following formats: .jpeg .gif .svg or .psd
Entries will be preferred starting at a minimum size of 400 x 400 pixels but larger than this is perfectly fine.
Entries will be a still image and not a .gif animation etc.
You can enter more than once if you wish but I'm looking for quality over quantity here.
The competition is open to anyone regardless of where you are in the world etc.

By entering the contest you agree to the terms and conditions set out below:
By entering the contest I surrender all rights and ownership to my entry and I agree to the competition organiser using my entry as they see fit.
I accept the rules of the competition and will ensure the my entry is my own work and in no way an infringement on any other party's rights.
I accept that the judge's decision is final.

Entries should be sent here


Grimace said...

I think I'll give this a go.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Cool, I'll look forward to seeing what you come up with! :-)

Sons of Prospero said...

Damn, would like to try and help out, but am just too busy at the moment.
Good luck to all who enter!

Toby said...

Hey I've given this a go, will have a picture ready to submit sometime today