Tuesday, 6 July 2010

WIP Murder-Squad Vilan & Thoughts On My First Two Games

These half built guys have already seen battle and ensured that the blood flowed in honour of Khorne (a lot of it their own unfortunately!) but to quote from one of the Unholy Tomes:
"Though you may have won this battle, we shall return, and ultimately we shall win the war. Every head hewn from neck, every drop of blood spilt, makes Khorne stronger regardless of whom it is that dies in the dirt. You cannot win, for to fight us is to give us power"

Brother-Slaughterer Colthan

Brother-Slaughterer Suktor

Brother-Slaughterer Halmar

Brother-Slaughterer Cardon

Murder-Squad Vilan

Lots of work to do on these much like the other squad but I'll come back to that before I'm ready to paint them!
So as mentioned, had my first two games of 40k against Space Wolves. First was Capture & Control and the second was Annihilation. Learnt a LOT! Picked up more of the rules from playing them and it mostly made sense! Learnt even more though about my army. The capture and control game confirmed to me that I'm definitely going to have to focus on wiping out scoring units in the enemy army, which, to be fair feels very fitting for The Gorewing! I kept one squad of Terminators on my home objective and sent the other after the Puppies' objective but I think in hindsight the Lone Wolves would have been better deployed camped out on the home objective making use of Feel No Pain to contest that one for as long they could stand and combining the threat of the two Terminator squads to bomb forward in their Land Raiders. In games with a greater number of objectives though I'm going to really struggle. One other important thing I learnt is not to sit on the one shot from the Combi-Meltas, I was reluctant to 'waste' them but in the process of saving them up the four Terminators with them all were killed when the extra bit of firepower could have made a difference to the amount of damage coming back at them! Anyway, they were fun games and now The Gorewing have a grudge to settle with the Space Wolves at a later date!


noeste said...

The conversions are coming along well, now I just hope I'll get to see some paint on those minies soon!

As I have yet to play a single game of 40 000, I am afraid I can't offer much advise, but do continue to run those test games - usually the best way to learn, is by trying!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Noeste. I've fallen a little behind with my painting but hope to get myself caught up over the next couple of weeks! Glad you like the minis so far though! :)