Monday, 19 July 2010

Slow Progress On The Land Raider Crusader!

So, The Glorious Works has been a bit quiet for a week! I have many excuses for that (and the distinctive lack of painting progress too!) not least having gone away to get married! Now I'm back and getting on top of things is the main aim of the game. 6 weeks to go and a LOT of work to do on The Gorewing. So I'm back to the Land Raider now...

Done some more work on the red including some of the battle damage although I have lots of weathering still to do to the model (and to start the metallics full stop...) Do you think it needs another highlight? When I did the highlight to start with it looked very bright and I was worried it'd gone too orange but now with the shading in the highlight looks to be a little lost in the colour to me, is this the case for everyone else? I realise the pictures are far from brilliant, for some reason the Land Raider just doesn't want to photograph. Anyway, here's two dodgy WIP pics!


Papa JJ said...

First off, congratulations on getting married! Quite understandable that your hobby time has been curtailed somewhat. The land raider looks really good so far, though I agree another round of highlighting might help. Best of luck to you with all the weathering and battle damage that's still to come, the effect you achieve certainly looks amazing.

AoM said...

Your highlighting seems to be a bit askew. You've got lots of highlighting on the under side of the assault ramp. There wouldn't be much light getting there. Then you look at the lights and housings on the top, especially the right side of the land raider (left side of picture). There is almost no highlighting visible there. While it could be the lighting in the photo, the front of the light housings appear to be brighter than the tops, which is counter-intuitive, to say the least. This could all be the lighting, but it appears consistent on the whole model, even on the lower light housing above the assault ramp. Perhaps these parts of the tank aren't finished yet. The hinges of the assault ramp look nice, so I'm hoping it is just the lighting or that the painting is incomplete for the top.

As you can probably guess, I'm not trying to be a dick. I'm merely giving honest feedback. Giving you "OMG, that is the sexxorz!!!" feedback doesn't get anyone anywhere. You asked, and I'm answering. From the pics, you should certainly be able to pull off the changes easily enough.

noeste said...


I have to say I agree with AoM, make the topmost areas lighter/better highlighted, than the areas in shadow.
Also, you could try to use Vomit Brown or Bronzed Flesh for some extreme highlights/light reflexes, instead of making the red more and more orange; I've seen some nice models at Massive Voodoo using that technique for highlighting the reds.