Friday, 2 July 2010

The Gorewing - Murder-Squad Nuthor

I've got my first game on Sunday against Space Wolves. Need to learn to play for the tournament!
So I've been busy assembling the Gorewing so that they might murder and make offerings of the Space Wolves' skulls to The Blood God's Throne!

Brother-Slaughterer Dakburn

Brother-Slaughterer Ikar

Brother-Slaughterer Randar

Murder-Squad Nuthor
(Brother-Slaughterers Nuthor, Ikar, Randar, Dakburn and Markard)

I figure Nuthor and Vilan wielding the biggest baddest weapons would have made themselves the leaders of the separate squads. Who's going to argue with the guy with a bank of missiles on his shoulders!
Oh, Ikar's counts as Frost Blade is made from two of the Forge World chain axes stuck together. These all need some tidying up and green stuff work but I'm just getting ready for the tabletop for now. I'll do the nitty gritty bits when I get closer to painting them!