Sunday, 24 October 2010

The Glorious Consumer - "Das Book" Review

Das Book is a compilation of special rules, missions & gaming ideas as well as a one-stop reference during play for Flames of War. This 128 page, full-colour book is set for release 30th October 2010.

Image Property of Battlefront Miniatures

It is the perfect expansion upon the "Open Fire!" box set reviewed yesterday as it contains the rules for Street Fighting, Fortifications etc. from the hardback rulebook but on top of that it also includes rules and missions taken from a selection of the Intelligence Briefings, Battle Books and Campaign Books; such as Amphibious Assaults and Airborne Assaults. These rules allow you to play your battles in very different ways and recreate the D-Day landings and the airborne assaults of Operation Market Garden for example. Alongside these rules are missions to use them in. There are also a couple of missions in the book that use the more standard Flames of War rules. Das Book also includes the rules for Total war, so that you can play larger games with multiple players.

Image Property of Battlefront Miniatures

Image Property of Battlefront Miniatures

One of the biggest strengths of Das Book is the reference section at the rear containing complete arsenals for German, British, US, Soviet, Finnish, Hungarian and Romanian forces and also the Special Rules for these forces. This makes Das Book a great utility allowing you to get a broad feel for your opponents force as well as having a single reference point to refer to when checking the rules for your own army and equipment.

Image Property of Battlefront Miniatures

All in all this is a brilliant supporting book for Flames of War players. I'd say its a must for tournament players and casual players alike. At £6 it's also incredibly good value. In my opinion the reference section alone would be worth that to most players. Throw in the varied missions and rules for playing totally different games of Flames of War and it'll easily be the most productive use of £6 to expand the hobby for yourself! I think there is only one score I can give this...

Score: 10/10


As I mentioned yesterday, Flames of War will be getting a lot of attention on The Glorious Works and I have an in depth review of the rules themselves and the answers to the question "Why Should I Play Flames of War?" coming up soon!