Sunday, 17 October 2010

A List To Collect To - FoW SS Totenkopf

I often like to collect an army to an army list. It gives me a clear goal and keeps my purchases vaguely productive otherwise I'd just go into an endless spiral of buying characters or units I can't actually get into an army. Whilst those things are great they aren't helpful when it comes to time to play a game. The great thing about collecting to a list is there's usually so much time between getting each entry on the list bought, built and painted that I can change the list plenty and there's never the feeling of being trapped. So I've written a 2500pt list for my new Flames of War army: 3. 'Totenkopf' SS-Panzerdivision. It'll probably take me a while to collect up the minis for this and even longer to paint them I'm sure but I'm going to Smoggycon 2010 next month (there'll be more on this in another post in the not too distant future) and I'm sure to part with some money there so having this army list might make at least half of my purchases useful to me! Here it is for those that have an interest in such things!

Panzergrenadier HQ
2 Command Panzerfaust SMG Teams
2 Panzerschreck Teams
2 Snipers

SS Panzer Platoon
Biermeyer's Panzer IV Platoon
5 Panzers

SS Panzergrenadier Platoon
2 Panzergrenadier Squads
Command Panzerfaust SMG Team
Panzerfaust SMG Team

SS Panzergrenadier Platoon
2 Panzergrenadier Squads
Command Panzerfaust SMG Team
Panzerfaust SMG Team

SS Heavy Platoon
1 Machine Gun Section

SS Scout Platoon
3 Squads

SS Armoured Anti-Aircraft Gun Platoon
3 Sd Kfz 7/1 (Quad 2cm)

SS Tank Hunter Platoon
3 Marder III M

SS Aufklärungs Platoon
3 Aufklärungs Squads
Command Panzerfaust SMG Team
3 Additional Sd Kfz 250

Heavy Assault Howitzer Platoon
2 Sturmtiger

SS Armoured Car Patrol
Sd Kfz 223 (radio)
2 Sd Kfz 231 (8-rad)

Sporadic Air Support
Hs 129B

I quite like the idea of the list (although in practice only time will tell!) it's an Infantry Company so will quite often be on the defensive but with the Aufklärungs and Biermeyer's Panzers I've got a strong counter-attacking element to strike at the enemy whilst the two squads of Panzergrenadiers bunker down on home objectives and protect my Sturmtigers and Anti-aircraft guns from enemy infantry. The Sturmtigers will provide a suitable distraction and whilst they're far from reliable with their shooting they'll force my opponent to make tactical decisions with them in mind and when they do hit they can cause a lot of damage. The air support is much the same, when it works it'll go after enemy artillery and anti-tank guns etc. The Marders will support the counter-attack by helping to neutralise any armoured threat. The scout platoon will pretty much always be used as Tank Hunters, they'll bunker down somewhere in the way of an armoured advance ready to set to work with their Panzerfaust tin openers! The Machine Gun teams will make Combat Attachments to the two Panzergrenadier Platoons and the armoured cars will help keep enemy teams from going to ground to give my Sturmtigers a chance to hit something and harrass as neccessary. The Anti-aircraft guns will do exactly what it says on the tin and will most likely be deployed near the Sturmtigers as that's where I'd personally send any of my attack aircraft as their top armour is their only real weakness!
Sounds easy in theory! Can't wait to get to work painting these! I already have the Panzergrenadier platoons and their quite high on my to-do list once The Gorewing are all done and dusted (hope to finish them in the next couple of days!)

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