Monday, 25 October 2010

HAMFAH Appeal Christmas 2010

Please read the small print!

In pieces. Cramped into a confined space with no air. Left in the cold, with thousands of others in the same situation. Imagine this was your life. Imagine the only thing you had to look forward to was being put on the shelf. The constant pain of rejection as people walk by and don't even spare you a glance. This is 'life' for thousands of miniatures.

Many sit on shelves in vast warehouses, the lucky ones make it to the warmth of a hobby shop and those chosen few find a home where they will be loved.

At HAMFAH we want to give these miniatures a home. To love them, to play with them and to put them back together. Now especially, in this busy build-up to Christmas when companies are packing more and more miniatures into warehouse and stockrooms we need you to Help A Miniature Find A Home.

At HAMFAH we promise that all money raised will be spent buying the freedom of miniatures from the boxes they find themselves enclosed in. We will rebuild their 'lives.' We will make them feel wanted and give them a purpose. Please give generously...

HAMFA is not a real charity. This is not a real charity appeal. You shouldn't really have had to read this small print to work that bit out... All money donated will be spent on miniatures as promised and is non-refundable!