Wednesday, 27 October 2010

Smoggycon 2010 27th November

Only a month until Smoggycon 2010 now!

There are to be lots of trade stalls, a number of demonstration and participation games, a bring & buy, competitions and tournaments and importantly a licensed bar plus hot and cold refreshments!

I asked some of the traders to send me a little blurb and I'd post a link here on The Glorious Works for them. See below:

Old Glory
"Old Glory UK has over 4500 items for wargamers on its website in scales including 10mm 15mm 28mm and 40mm and in periods from Pharoh's Egypt to modern Afghanistan and including Pulp and Horror ranges. Chariots, Elephants, Cannon, Warriors and Soldiers as well as buckets of tanks and about 50 different aircraft."

Caliver Books

Stafford Games
"Bringing the full range of Flames of War, Wings of War and Army Painter together with other wargaming goodies."

Irregular Miniatures
"We produce What i believe is the largest range of figures in the world/universe, in 9 scales (2,6,10,15,20,28,42,54,& 75mm) . Our prices are reasonable and we sell figures singly, so you can buy exactly the amount you want.
We have a fast and efficient mail order service, are very approachable and really like our customers!"

Lesley's Bits Box
"Lesley's Bits Box is an Independent Games Workshop trader carrying a range of New and Secondhand models. Our New Games Workshop products remain at 10% off RRP. To avoid disappointment email us at with your pre-orders.

There are many more besides, for all the details please visit the Smoggycon site here.

Hope to see you there!