Friday, 11 March 2011

My goodness, that child has a knife! Mothers these days eh?

Baby Kade is done. Working through at a fairly fast rate now. You may notice his swirly thing on the top of his head is flesh coloured. My reasoning behind this is that I don't consider it hair, I see it as the whispy smoke type thing that sorrows and woes appear from in the fluff :)



mike3838 said...

Another very nice job. If you don't mind me asking, what's your method for painting flesh? Your Kade is a lot warmer looking than mine.

Sixes To Hit said...

Hey Mike, thanks for the compliments.

Of course I don't mind you asking :)

For flesh I undercoat black, then give it a couple of coats of watered down tallarn flesh until it's smooth and covered. Then I give it two coats of watered ogryn flesh, making sure there's no pooling. A coat of tallarn again, leaving the recesses and then start mixing in bleached bone to the tallarn flesh and slowly build it up making sure each coat is thinned down with a bit of water.

Hope this helps,


Larry said...

That's a very creepy mini and like mike said the flesh tone is great.

Andy_B said...

Epic again James. Cant wait to see this crew fully painted. We definitely need to get some pics from our next game when Baby Kade meets Colette!

Black Bard said...

love him. The eyes really make the model. I can only imagine this creepy little bugger in a movie with his head swivelling around in a circle.
Nicely done!

Sixes To Hit said...

Thanks everyone!

I think I'm the only one that thinks he's kind of cute rather than creepy! :D