Saturday, 26 March 2011

Soulless Life - Steampunk Abomination

The first finished Steampunk Abomination. These are all awesome sculpts and really, really, twisted! This particular fella has no legs and his entrails spilling out into a bag that's been nailed to his hips as he carries himself along on drills that have been grafted on in place of hands. This is Steampunk Horror!
Individually these things aren't too much to worry about but they can be grafted together to form a Desolation Engine (which will be painted too in the not too distant future) and that's definitely something to worry about!


Black Bard said...

He looks great!! And I say that as tony the tiger would too, so you know its closer to awesome!! The gear on the base is a great touch and really adds to the model, but I think I like the head the most...great detail here. On a side note, I used the confrontation thralls as more of these guys to increase the number of different models I had for Abominations.
Cheers, B

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Black Bard. Glad you like him!
To repeat the link from the Rusty Alyce comments for those that didn't see the bases are from Black Cat Bases Ltd

Also, I've ben trying to work out what to do for extra minis for Abominations. I don't like getting to 4 and then having to stop making them because I don't have the models. Fair enough if it's a tactical decision. Will keep those in mind when I try and work out a solution.

Thanks for commenting!