Tuesday, 1 March 2011

Sweet like ......

...a small child with a pair of scissors that wants to stab you in the eye with them.

Candy is done, and I'm now moving onto my first sorrow (green for the first one, each will be a different colour to easily identify them on the table). So here, without further ado is the young madam herself!



noeste said...

Scary.. Morale is never accept candy from strangers; you're likely to get shivved by a pair of scissors!

Thought of making a couple of blood-drops on the cobblestones behind her?

Sixes To Hit said...

Hey Noeste,

I was just talking about this yesterday with someone. I wanted Candy to be a sweet little innocent girl, with only the slight stain on the scissors behind her back giving away the true intentions she has.

I might change my opinion though, as you're the second to mention this! :)

Thanks for the comment Noeste.