Friday, 25 March 2011

Soulless Life - Rusty Alyce

Made a start painting The Desolate & Soulless crew for Malifaux, led by Leveticus. From the blurb on the crew boxset:

Leveticus is a master of both Construct technology and the vile necromantic arts. His strange experiments embody the abominations possible when man meddles with the natural order. Fighting for Soulstone and increasing influence, the decay and destruction brought by Leveticus and his minions is unmistakable.

Dead bodies are a common sight in Malifaux, but Leveticus leaves behind nothing but dust.

The Desolate & Soulless are a really interesting crew in Malifaux. They have a lot of very different mechanics that really mess with the natural order of the game. Leveticus himself has found a way to cheat death. Tethering his soul to Hollow Waifs, as long as these mindless servants of his are in play then he will come back from the dead.

I've started with his protege, Rusty Alyce. I wanted to paint her in a way that would greatly contrast the rest of the crew so decided to go with the pink outfit.

 Should have a Steampunk Abomination finished for this crew tomorrow all being well!


Black Bard said...

Love the skirt!! The base looks fantastic too.

SonoftheLion said...

I agree with Black Bard the base is fantastic. model looks good too

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys. The base inserts are actually from Black Cat Bases Ltd

They have some really nice ones and are well worth a look!

k.Blas said...

Alyce in pink looks grrrrrreat!

Good job man.