Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Amador - Beginnings of a mini

I've got a few ideas I want to try out on him but I'm trying to create a unique character within my army whilst trying to maintain some semblance to the Knight unit champion he began his career in the campaign as.
I quite like the pose as if he's calling out a challenge to an enemy general.
I'm trying out the head from Zorion I used right at the beginning of building this army as he's been partially scrapped for the minute and I want this to be a likeness (if not the real thing) of Elazar The Glorified's helm when he was a mortal follower of the Chaos Gods. A theme I'll come back to in my background fluff for the character.
The tricky bit here is going to be trying to do something creative with his mount.

Just for completeness and for anyone who hasn't looked through my Blog, this is the Knight Champion that he is based upon and the mini that is currently representing him on the table.


noeste said...

Love Amador's pose, really catched the issuing a challenge/taunting an enemy look! The cloak's also looking good, but I imagine it'll be hard to put those pauldrons on top of his shoulders now...? I say, sculpt some really nice ones, suitable for a lord!

I have to admit, though, that I don't really like his new helmet; think the one on the Champion looks so much better!
But I'm sure you'll figure something good out in the end!

Keep up the nice work, and give us more updates!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Yeah, it would seem that the consensus is that the horned helmet would look better. I have to say it's the direction I'm leaning in as well the more I look at him. Not a problem wanted to try that head first as it's what I had but won't take two minutes to recreate the other one!
Glad you like the cloak. I'm hoping to do something different with the pauldrons, I was looking at the picture of the Slaanesh Knight/Lord in the new army book carrying the flail. I really like the pauldrons on his armour shaped like daemonette claws so I might try something along those lines.

noeste said...

I really love that picture!

Been debating whether or not I should try something similar myself sometime, to be honest *smiles*
Good luck with it, I have no doubts that you'll come up with something juicy!