Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Space Crusade

Sadly, my partner wasn't feeling well on Sunday so I was unable to make it in for my 5000pt game so it's been put back to this sunday instead. I'll post a battle report then.

Instead I stayed at home and in the evening had a game of Space Crusade with my son. I let him take the role of the Alien player for a change and helped him out as we went along and I picked the Imperial Fists who have been my loyalist chapter since I first played Space Crusade when I was a kid. After that my loyalist marines were almost always painted yellow!

It's quite fun seeing my son's enthusiasm for Space Crusade and his growing interest in everything I'm doing for the hobby. Whether I'm painting scenery, building models or just rewriting my army list he's there with questions at the minute and he's also painted his first minis in the form of the AOBR Terminator and Ork Nob that came with white dwarf last year which I'd kept to one side for him. Looks like I might soon have another regular opponent! :D

As for Space Crusade, my Imperial Fists went about their mission (to kill the Chaos Space Marine Commander) with ruthless efficiency and also completed their secondary mission of killing the Chaos Heavy Weapon Marine. In the end I was left with just my Plasma Gunner and my Commander with his heavy bolter/ plasma gun combi weapon. These two guys then proceeded to clear the board of the alien scum. Amazingly they even managed to take out the enemy Dreadnought with a fusillade of plasma fire without taking any damage themselves! Here they are before they made a heroic return to their docking claw!

I should have a real update soon. Thanks for reading.


the Engineer said...

such a nice game... it's a real pity i can't find any at a reasonable price...

Mr Syxx said...

that was the pre 40k title thank you for posting this now I can go win that bet.

BH Senior Editor

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the comments guys.

the Engineer: It is a wonderful game and has stood the test of time as well. Sadly, as you say it isn't particularly easy to get a hold of as it's very much a collector's thing now. One way to go might be to look for an incomplete set on ebay as they drop in price with missing pieces but there's a lot of people posting odd bits from space crusade up there as well. Particularly things like door clips etc so you could complete the set yourself. If it's in good condition it would be a worthwhile investment as it's value will only continue to rise.

Mr Syxx: Glad to have been of help there, does that entitle me to a share of the winnings? ;)

Mr Syxx said...

enter in the contest this Wedsday and you could win $30 worth of GW stuff :P

Anonymous said...

Wow, way to beat a kid. You remind me of my dad.

M said...

Space Crusade, that takes me back. It was my first GW (kind of) experience. I very much wish I hadn't canabalised it over the years. Maybe the rumors of it returning will turn out to be true. I live in hope.