Monday, 1 June 2009

Be'Lakor - The Dark Master

The pictures aren't great I know but I think the flesh is coming along nicely. Ignore the wings they're still a mess though, I've washed over the blue and will be bringing it back up to the fleshy colour around the recesses, well that's the plan anyway. I'd really love some critique on the flesh as this is the largest model I've painted for this army so far and certainly the largest expanse of flesh.


noeste said...

I really love the skin; both choice of colour, and the way you've shaded/highlighted.

But, I don't like the pink mark, sorry. I know pink's supposed to be Slaanesh's colour, but I don't think it fits the rest of the colours you've used on him, and from what I recall, pink's used all that much in the rest of your army, so it might make him stand out in the wrong sense...

With that wonderful skin-theme, I'd go for something brown/red-brown. I think you mentioned, either here or on Warseer, that you were thinking of making it look like a firebrand or something; I say go for it, dark brownish red or something, more brown than red to tie it in with the skin, would be good, I think.

Are you using silver or gold for his armourplates and chainmail?

And how do you plan on doing the horns and nails/claws? Will you use a similar colourrange to that of the skin, or do you have something planned, that will make it stand out more?
I'm inclined to suggest something dark, sorta like the black talons of an eagle, but I don't know... What are your thoughts, please share!

Keep it up!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks Noeste!
Yes, I said on Warseer about the burning brand. I think as you say the pink looks out of place and doesn't match my army where I've not used pink and instead have used reds or purples and even then not in great quantities. The dark reddish brown colour would definitely look better on the mini.
I haven't decided about the armourplates yet. I'm leaning towards gold to help connect him with the Knights etc. but I'm probably going to do these bits last so I'll be able to get a better idea of the colour flow for the mini.
Your idea on the horns is really good. I was going to go for blending from brown to bleached bone from the flesh they protrude out of but I like the idea of the black talon colour idea. Would contrast really well with the pale skin and would be something slightly different to paint.
Thanks again for your comment Noeste, you always give me great food for thought and help keep me motivated to carry on working on my army! :D

noeste said...

Hehe, well, judging from how much I like your army and colourscheme, I believe we got pretty much the same taste, hehe.
Your ideas, convertions and painting and choice of colour has really inspired me, and I sincerely look forward to every update on your army; if I'm able to keep you motivated to go on in return, then that's all the better!

My fingers are really itching to truly get started on my own Slaanesh army - I recieved a big batch of regimental boxes in the mail yesterday, amongst them some Black Orcs and Cold one Knights *wink wink*

Just gotta finnish my last exam, and a small project, and I'll get started! Can barely wait!
In the meantime, you've got to keep my thirst for modelling quenched, through your fantastic army, hehe.
So keep it up, or else...!