Tuesday, 7 July 2009

Fortified Manor House

Done a little bit more on this scenery piece. I've done the stonework on the tower and have started base coating the plaster. Thought I'd post a progress picture for you to see.

Going to get this to the same sort of stage as the main 'house' part of the building then start on the details on both. After that it's the walls of the grounds and gates to be done but hopefully they won't take too long. I want to get on with Be'Lakor and the Hellcannons etc now! My gaming club has a tournament at the beginning of August so I'm putting together an army list for that so anything that goes into that will take priority to be painted if it isn't already but I'm expecting the list to include Be'Lakor so it's ok to get him finished at least! Beyond that though I'm not sure!