Friday, 17 July 2009

Update 17th July 2009

Lots of little updates today I guess. Firstly, there's the layout change for the blog and in particular the new header that my brother put together for me. Gives things a more professional air I think!

On with the army updates.

I've modified the tassets, tapering them off a little and shortening them to try and improve the flow of the model towards the legs.

I just need to finish tidying him up now and doing the last little bits then I can think about painting him. I still haven't got a clear image in my mind of how I'd like to paint the steed. If anybody has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. The obvious choice would be purple but so far the purple in my army has been restricted to shield designs and small robes etc. Not sure if it'd be too great a contrast with the rest of the army. Hard to see another option though without having to add more colours to the army pallette.

I've also got pics of the Hellcannon production line as I'm starting to put them together.

These are awesome minis but the amount of problems I've had with them has made them exceptionally hard work. On top of missing one wheel entirely I've found that I only have half of one of the smaller wheels, clearly a moulding error there. One of the Hellcannons is going to have homemade wheels to replace the larger wheels that I'm missing. Went to Hobbycraft to get some supplies and stumbled upon these in the jewellery section.

Shall be sculpting onto these to make the wheels. Only cost £1.24 but will save a lot of aggro trying to get the initial shape right. Going to build up a large rim with green stuff and leave the middle recessed and maybe put a chaos star in the middle or some such.