Tuesday, 28 July 2009

What's Next?

I've decided to join the Tale of Fantasy Painters on Warseer for this year. I have more than 2000 points to get painted up for the Devotees yet and having spectated a lot of the Tale this year (I wasn't brave enough this time last year to consider 200pts of painting a month doable, this time round I either am or have lost that last bit of sense from before!) I like the format and the group effort to it all as well. So with Endika done the next task is to start planning my August submission for the Tale. The joy of WoC is pretty much everything I could paint is a month's worth of painting due to the high points costs. Here's a list of what I have to pick from.

2 x Hellcannon
4 x Sorcerer
2 x Exalted Hero on foot
Exalted Hero on Daemonic Steed
Chaos Lord on Daemonic Steed
Chaos Giant
Warriors with Additional Hand Weapons
Warriors with Halberds
Marauder Horsemen
Chaos Knights

There's also the Chariot but I've put that on the back burner as I've had a couple of other ideas for better designs for the chariot and I might just salvage the bits from the current one to improve other forthcoming projects.
Most likely I'm going to start with a Hellcannon, I had wanted to get the two painted in time for the Fantasy Tournament at my gaming club but that's this Sunday and there isn't a hope of that now!
There's also Be'Lakor but he's going to remain a side project and I won't use him for the tale. Not unless I end stuck very far behind and need to catch up a lot of points!

In the mean time, I really need to finish the Fortified Manor House scenery set for my gaming club! I've been working on it here and there for a bit now but need to get it done so I can focus all of my attentions on the Tale.