Tuesday, 1 December 2009

The Glorious Host, The Future, Decisions and Plans...

I did a quick and as a result quite poor pic of the bits of the army that I'm happy with at the minute (the marauder horsemen need some more shading on their armour and bases need the rims done on quite a few things).

My army looks like an all cavalry force with the exception of poor Vela the footslogger and the Hellcannon. My army is actually quite infantry heavy though. It might not be as competitive to do so but to me cavalry should be the elites in an army and so shouldn't ever outnumber the infantry regiments. So that gives a clue about what my current priority is now!

Also I'm debating over the Chaos Steeds..

This is a reminder of how they look currently but I'm tempted to repaint the horses to look like Gentza:

Need to decide by the time I get to painting the next regiment of Chaos Knights. Does anybody have any thoughts on this?

As for my plan of action. Still taking part in the Tale of Fantasy Painters so that directs a lot of how I plan my painting out for the minute. But my rough plan is currently.

December: Chaos Warriors w/ Additional Hand Weapons
January: Chaos Marauders w/ Hand Weapons and Shields
February: Chaos Sorcerer (Isidro Devante) + Warhounds
March: Warshrine
April: Chaos Warriors w/ Halberds
May: Chaos Knights
June: Marauder Horsemen
July: Exalted Hero on Chariot (Luken The Sixth Born)
August: Hellcannon

This way I'll have started the Tale on a Hellcannon and will finish on one. Also by August I should have the motivation to paint that second Hellcannon! Through this month and next I'm going to be painting the Mordheim Warband as well, they'll be easier to do alongside the Warriors and Marauders as a lot of the painting being done on them can be applied to the Mordheim gang also. They'll make up for my used joker easily enough too!

Of course this plan is very rough and completely overlooks the fact that there's christmas to come yet which may well completely change the direction of some of these plans and also in February there's the new Beastmen. You can be certain that they will start to make an appearance on here soon and I'll have to do some tidying around this blog. In particular in regards to the fluff etc. Would like it to all tally up. Everything will fall under the heading The Devotees of Elazar but there will be a clear split within that between The Glorious Host, my Warriors of Chaos, and the forthcoming Beastmen who I'm going to reveal nothing about yet!

Anyway, so the next things you'll be seeing on here are my Warriors with additional hand weapons. Will start posting WIP shots soon but my priority this week is to finish building a few of the minis for later in the Tale as I have my 7000pt game vs. Skaven on Sunday and they will be greatly needed!


Nesbet said...

Pretty cool blog man!
I'm subscribed to your WS thread, and recently found your blog when blogging without direction!

Keep the cool pics coming!

Mordian7th said...

Those Chaos Knights look brutal - that's a great picture, and a very effective paint scheme. I really like 'em!