Thursday, 24 December 2009

The Storm God - Bretonnian Army Background Fluff by James

This is some rather brilliant fluff written by James, the Bretonnian player in our campaign as a background to his force. There'll hopefully be lots more army fluff to add for the different players!


The masked face smiles insanely, he dances and spins, all the while a small doll on strings dancing with him. Behind him a banner or so you would imagine, looking more closesly, it seems...........twisted faces and limbs try to escape

Leofric Carrard awoke with a start, his heart beating what seemed uncountable times every second. This latest dream was more intense than ever, something or someone was sending him a message. The dreams had started weeks ago, and they had continued to gain intensity over the past few nights. Something inside Leofric caused his sense of honour to almost explode within his chest. This was unheard of, for a knight of the grail to feel this pull to anything, for he knew this feeling well.

He rose and started accross the courtyard toward the small, but well kept chapel of the Lady. Inside the candles were as always lit, and he approached the shrine at the end of the room. Kneeling he began thinking of the time this feeling had nagged at him before. He had been a young knight, willing to prove himself on any battle ground his leige had ordered, for years he had fought the invaders to fair Breton, and for years he had been a shining example to younger knights of what they should aspire to be. That time was when he felt the calling and had the first vision -

Twisted faces and limbs trying to escape...

- from the Lady herself. He had set upon his quest into Mousillon and had never returned. For although in this dead land the Lady had allowed him to drink from the grail after his great deed, he had seen forever the suffering and pain of the land and had decided to stay, taking in knights with no parentage that still wanted to fight the horrors of the world. As a knight of the grail, he should no longer feel the pull of the quest though, and yet this is what he felt now. A longing in his heart to sally forth and do some great deed.

Leofric knew his own heart, and knew it was untouched by the madness of chaos, and knew it should always be so. These visions were just that, visions sent to send him on to some great deed, sent to him by the Lady herself. He turned and walked forth into the daylight, he would not go alone, for as brave as he was, no fool was Leofric, and knew he would need a small force with him to complete his journey. He set about going to a small number of knights and peasantry to -

The puppet dances, it's master laughing hideously

- ready them for the journey, which surely must start by sea, and take them to lands far north, if he was any judge of the surroundings in his dreams.

It took him but a day to ready his men, for those spoken too by him knew of the resolve this man carried. He was careful to leave enough to protect the local lands while he was away, should in fact he ever return. They rode to the cursed city of Mousillon which had a harbour of sorts, here taking a boat sent by the Duchy of Bordeleaux, for that land owed Leofric many a favour these days. Many days did they sail, the seas remaining calm for them as if the Lady herself travelled with them. Landing far from their destination they rode for many days too, a star not seen by any but Leofric guiding them on their way.

Other armies were in the area travelling on a similar route. Leofric did send messengers to these forces under the flag of parley. Some messengers returned, some did not. Of those who returned, the message was clear, the generals had no time to talk. Leofric cursed their foolishness, for as a combined force surely together they could have drivven this evil away more easily, but then Leofric had a realisation. Those fools were not here to vanquish the evil, they were here for some other reason, and knowing well the hearts of men he could draw but one conclusion: greed. Something here had power enough to bring with it forces from all over the old world, and if that was the case then Leofric must stop them too, for nothing good could come from the wastes which now filled the horizon.

Entering the wastes a terrible feeling of emptiness poured into Leofrics heart, and he realised the lady would travel with them no more, he still felt her blessing upon him, and yet it was like someone had been riding by his side all this way and that person was now gone. He and his men would be alone, but they would stop this evil and they would make sure whatever corruption drew in the other armies would be destroyed, even if that meant the destruction of the other forces travelling in his wake. On the horizon a figure was hurrying forward, alone in the wastes, Leofric broke his horse to a galllop, he would question this figure and find if he knew anything of the evil within this land...

The puppet stops it's dance, the masked face looks up: "Master, they have arrived"