Friday, 4 December 2009

Painting Competition & Warhammer Doubles Tournament

Painting Competition

There were 3 Categories for this:
Warhammer 40,000
Warhammer Fantasy

The WFB and 40k categories required you to paint either vehicle, war-machines monstrous creature or a mounted character. The Youngbloods had to paint a single mini. Pictures courtesy of Patch.


Winner - Malzeth

Runners Up





Winner - Elazar

Runners Up






Winner - Jack

Lots of great looking minis in the end. There were more than these but this is all the pictures I've been able to pinch so far, if I get any more I'll add them up. Was really proud of my son Jack for winning the youngbloods. He did great for his first properly painted mini too!

Fantasy Doubles Tournament

Going to do 10 points on this.

First game vs. Bretonnians - Massacre Against

  1. Steam Tank! Didn't really have a great deal in our army that could deal with the steam tank. Luckily for us it was largely ineffective. It turned out that my two units of Warhounds kept it tied in combat for 3 or 4 turns. Still not sure how they both passed their terror tests when they were miles away from the army general. Would have loved to have had my Dragon Ogres to charge at this thing.
  2. Orcs and Goblins are unreliable! I know that's not news but it's a recurring theme on these points. Our overall army strategy was faulted on this point. It relied on Jack's O&Gs being the main line of the army and keeping things busy so my cavalry could cause problems on the flainks. Sadly squabbling results etc meant that the battleline became very staggered and the Bretonnian and Empire cavalry were able to deal with the infantry units one at a time with a few combined charges.
  3. A unit of Pegasus Knights kept the Chaos Knights marchblocked for the first part of the game. I sent the Marauder Horsemen to make use of their throwing axes against them so that I could continue with my plan of sending the knights up the steam tank's flank. However I really should I have just charged Endika in to combat. He could have pinned them in place for the Horsemen to charge the next turn if they were needed. In the end my Chaos Knights got blocked off by the Warhounds who I hadn't expected to pass their terror tests so went after the Pegasus Knights and wiped them out.
  4. The Chaos Knights once they got into combat were as expected very effective. The were able to break the Empire Knights (which re-captured the Goblins standards!) and with the Rapturous Standard they were able to get Insane Courage a few times against the static res. heavy unit of Bretonnian Knights that charged their flank.
  5. The Fanatics caused the death of 1 Empire Knight in this game.
Second game vs Ogres and Khorne Daemons - Massacre Against

  1. Again the Orcs and Goblins when relied upon couldn't hold their lines and so were able to be picked off although not quite as easily as the cavalry army had previously. My Chaos Cavalry managed to go up the flank so they could get behind the opponents army but when the Orcs and Goblins were beaten quite early the enemy were able to turn to face the Knights before they were able to do anything and the Knights were charged by a unit of Bulls. The Knights quickly dispatched the Ogres but after this they had to be very cautious about the fights they picked.
  2. A unit of 50 Bloodletters including Skulltaker spent most of the game out of combat for our opponents. The turn they were in combat they broke the Orcs after killing the Big Boss. Without anything to help against these I didn't dare charge Endika and the Marauder Horsemen into these without and so spent the game harrassing them with throwing axes and blood curdling roar but didn't really cause much of an impact against those pesky ward saves. Took a rank or two off but with a unit that big it didn't matter a great deal!
  3. The Leadbelchers decimated the Forest Goblin unit and the other two Goblin units panicked at different points of the game and ran away. The only thing Goblins can be trusted to do is flee. This meant the Ogres and the big infantry block were able to turn and face my Chaos Knights. This stopped the Knights from having any juicy charge targets and I also have to admit to being far too over cautious by this point. Really I should have just taken a risk with both cavalry units as the game was lost anyway.
  4. The Fanatics killed 1 Bloodletter in this game. They really did nothing to help in either game and my son has a real ability to throw doubles for them!
  5. Both games were good fun despite the rather awful results. In the end we finished second from bottom. It seems to be my tournament finishing position of choice at the minute! Learnt a lot from the games though and will certainly rethink the armies a lot if there's another doubles tournament!


Silar said...

Well done to both you and your son on winning the painting comps. Shame about the battles but that's the fun of Orcs and Goblins you never know if they will be there or not..

One said... was 45 bloodletters and Skulltaker
and you minced around them so much I thought I was playing against Helves !

Elazar The Glorified said...

Silar: Thanks! It was a lot of fun and as you say that's part of the appeal to an Orcs and Goblin army!

One: My apologies! 45 Bloodletters :D Hehe, yes my cavalry didn't play to satisfy the blood god!

Anonymous said...

I know you put a ton of time/work into creating awesome-looking minis. I thought I'd offer any/all of you a chance to really have them shown off. I am a pro photographer (with a PASSION for RPG) who's photographic forte is RPG miniatures. I'd be happy to discuss photographing your painted miniatures in a much better manner than just sitting them on a table in a room with a bunch of stuff in the background or a cloth behind them with bright lighting that obscures the cool detail. I do custom sets for each one to fit the theme of the character and have over $10,000 in pro studio gear. If you want samples of my work or to discuss prices (very reasonable), feel free to contact me at myotherrideisadragon at yahoo dot com and my name is Tammy. Just too much effort put into making them look so amazing to have them showcased in a less-than-optimal light.