Tuesday, 8 December 2009

Updated Fluff & WIP Chariot

Well there's not a massive update today. I have lots of painting to do but I thought I'd show a quick pic of something I put together the other day.

Now you may recognise that this is my long standing WIP chariot given a new lease of WIP life! I decided that with Luken The Sixth Born already planned in my head I wanted to differentiate the unit chariots from the character chariots a bit more and with the fluff I've already written the Marauder Chariot fits so much better!
For xmas there's supposed to be a chariot race at my gaming group so I'm trying to decide whether to enter this one or to slightly fast track getting Luken's chariot built. Decisions, decisions.
I've made a slight update to the first Devotees post on this blog now. Mostly it's just to tidy things up but I've also put some new fluff there. I'll post it here as well so people get to see it without having to hunt all over the blog for it!


“Rejoice,” he told me, “for I am Elazar.” For his fell deed Slaanesh gave the gift of immortality. He was elevated to Daemonhood and I stood in awe for I had witnessed the birth of the death of man. He rose into the sky on feathered wings, radiant, more glorious than the sun, it’s light paling in the Daemon’s aura. His harmonious voice filled the skies as he spoke to me then. My heartbeat froze, desperate not to besmirch the wondrous sound with its crude thudding.
“I am temptation, I am vanity. I am the voice that says yes when all other say no. I am the dark ambition that broods at the core of every man. I am your salvation and I am your doom. Love me or fear me, it matters not, you will be my slave.”

The mad writings of Rumpolt Staudinger who impossibly claims to have been present at the massacre at the Hospice for the Insane at Sensfeld. Staudinger’s insanity is matched only by his heresy. May this document provide further proof against him in his ongoing trial and may Sigmar’s righteous fires free him from his ravings!
- Witch Hunter Aldebrandt Veit


Elazar The Glorified is a Daemon Prince of Slaanesh. Such is his standing in the eyes of Slaanesh and indeed his arrogance that he is worshipped by many as a god in his own right. In the far north the Diatchi worship him in part as a proxy for Slaanesh but in part as a separate deity. The Diatchi are a collection of tribes of predominantly Kurgan stock, the tribes exist in a state of war with eachother but at times a High Zar is able to bring the lower Zar's of the tribes into line and lead them to war all the while the Daemon Prince watches over his Glorious Host...
The followers of Elazar are not confined to just the northern tribes. In the darkest depths of the forests of the Old World an ascending Beastlord is starting to gather the rival herds in the name of the Daemon.
And worse still in the heart of the Empire's cities the Cult of Elazar continues to attract more followers.


There's a lot more to come on this and a lot more detail to go into for a lot of things mentioned above so take note!

I was going to post a battle report for the huge 7000pt vs. Skaven battle. However, we only got to my opponents turn 3 before we had to start packing up. It was advantage Skaven at the time but I hadn't had my 3rd turn yet and I had a few rather juicy charges lined up including Harkaitz and a unit of Knights had managed to close in on a stranded Thanquol and then would have been able to turn into the flank of the Skaven army We're going to redo the battle when we have less of a restriction on time and then I'll be sure to post a battle report worthy of a 7000pt game!


Ricalope said...

Nice! I didn't even realize it was a conversion for a minute.

noeste said...

That's a wonderful chariot design you've got there - I say, paint it up, and enter the race with it! Never rush a character, let Luken mature in your mind, and finish him when you got enough time.