Tuesday, 8 September 2009

The Angels Exemplar


Never have I questioned my faith. Never have I wavered in my works. But today... today has spawned a thousand doubts. No one could doubt the loyalty of the Angels Exemplar. Their piety is beyond compare even amongst the zealots that make up Dorn's progeny.
Their methods though... I've worked alongside the Astartes before. I know theirs is not a way of mercy or compassion but never have I seen such barbarism committed in the name of our Righteous Emperor. It is said that the Astartes will be the saviours of humankind... but in their creation perhaps we deserve to be damned...

Transcript from the recovered personal log of Inquisitor Thaddius of the Ordo Hereticus after the purge of the Blood Shaman Cult.


Note. Inquisitor Thaddius declared heretic later in same year and led rebellion of the Imperial World Tymuron II. Rebellion put down by Angels Exemplar Astartes. Rogue Inquisitor Thaddius executed.


Angels Exemplar Marine

Angels Exemplar Sergeant


The Angels Exemplar chapter of Space Marines are a 26th Founding Chapter created 738.M41. The Angels Exemplar are descendents of Rogal Dorn although their Gene Seed is taken from the Dark Hands chapter. A elite cadre from the Dark Hands chapter trained the initial neophyte marines and made up the HQ for the Chapters first steps.


The Angels Exemplar are a fleet based Chapter. Each company having its own fleet and patrol routes although they are easily redirected to where they are needed. Recruits are taken from suitable worlds on their established patrols.


The Angels Exemplar follow a largely non-codex organisation. The Chapter is organised into 7 companies and these are autonomous fighting forces. Instead of having dedicated companies like codex chapters the Angels Exemplar split their veteran, tactical, assault and devastator marines between the 7 companies. As these companies are autonomous they handle their own recruitment and training of neophytes so each have their own scout contingent also. Due to this the differing companies are often at varying strengths. The Lord of the Angels Exemplar leads the 1st Company and also organises the objectives of the other 6 companies each of which are led by their own Commander.

Combat Doctrine

The Angels Exemplar have proven themselves to be especially effective at medium to short range warfare. In particular they excel at guerilla warfare and lightning strike incursions in urban environments. Their effectiveness in these combat arenas has seen them put to great use by the Ordo Hereticus branch of the Inquisition as they have shown a brutal effectiveness at putting down rebellions and eliminating deviant cults. This brutality has raised some question marks amongst the Inquisition though as some believe their brand of warfare should be more measured in such environments as they are often in full view of the citizenry of the Imperium.

Angels Exemplar Terminator

Angels Exemplar Terminator Sergeant

The Cromwell Incident

The Inquisition is currently doing all it can to open channels with the Angels Exemplar. The Chapter was petitioned to help pacify a rebellion in the Cromwell system. It seemed that Lord Rosam gathered the entire might of the Angels Exemplar on the borders of the Cromwell system as the fleets of all 7 companies rendezvoused along with contingents of the Jakoban Heavy Dragoons Regiment of the Imperial Army. What happened next is unknown with only intercepted communications between the Imperial Navy vessels in the vicinity to go on. Allegedly elements of the Angels Exemplar Company Fleets opened fire on one another. The Imperial Navy vessels sat idly by unsure as to what was happening and not daring to intefere in the conflicts of the Astartes. The next intercepted communication alleged to orders for an orbital bombardment on key strike points on Cromwell IV before the strike force led by Lord Sikandar made planetfall. It is known that key rebel personnel were stationed on Cromwell IV and that Sikandar had been the commander of the Angels Exemplar 3rd Company but was now being referred to as Lord. The Inquisition received no word of any nature from the Cromwell system so re-routed a naval patrol to investigate what had taken place both in the pacification of the rebellious system and also in the command of the Angels Exemplar chapter...

So there you have it, the new look Angels Exemplar background. As ever Space Crusade has had an influence on the decision to mark out sergeants etc with white power armour. I've decided that they are a Space Marine Chapter and their loyalty is in complete doubt. Have they turned from the Emperor or are they still his loyal servants. Clearly they have struck at the rebels of Cromwell IV but beyond that nothing is known. Means I can create a strong narrative with each squad as I go along and also gives me plenty of scope for characters and if I get really ambitious there's even the Jakoban Heavy Dragoons regiment to consider! The Angels Exemplar will most likely be built from the Space Wolves list as this will allow me to best represent the brutal nature of the chapter and their currently questionable loyalties. Also, it will be shiny and new!

Space Marine images created using http://www.bolterandchainsword.com/smp.php


noeste said...

Thanks for a nice read *smiles*

I like the new paint scheme, and although I fear this will take valuable time away from your fantasy project, I'll be looking forward to updates of the Angels.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Glad you like it. Well I'm still keeping my focus on the Tale of Fantasy Painters as I don't want to drop out of that so the Devotees will get plenty of attention for the minute but when I get spare time in between I'll maybe use it to do some work on the Angels Exemplar :)
I've got Space Hulk and even Space Crusade to add into that list. Plus a few Night Goblin Fanatics that I'm doing for my son's birthday cake!

Rogue Pom said...

Elazar, the background is very cool. I like the way you have left open the possibility of internecine struggle within the chapter.

As for your paint scheme it's going to be a bugger to get the white on all those marines, but the scheme looks good overall. Have you managed any testers yet to try it out on?

Looking forward to future posts.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks, I'm quite pleased with the scope it gives me modelling, gaming, painting and fluffwise! :)

The white will be a pest I'm sure but I want to stretch myself with these guys. The painting on my Warriors of Chaos is very thematic and I've gotten the hang of replicating the bone colour etc quite quick and with avoiding weathering etc to try and carry the vanity theme one of the things I'm looking forward to most with these guys is dirtying them up and making them look like the brutal, grizzled troops that I imagine them to be. I want to try and explore that dark side of what a Space Marine is, whomever they serve, whether it's the emperor, the chaos gods or themselves theirs is an existence of battle and that's quite a grim thing so want to explore that. I want to contrast it though with the heraldry of the chapter which is very bright and 'friendly'. I want to get started on a couple of test minis. I have a few old space marines around somewhere who'll be used to model the scheme when I get a chance :)

noeste said...

I'll be looking forward to seeing some test-minies; and to my experience (thanks to my Horsemen and Warhounds), painting white just needs a bit of practice, then before you know it, suddenly a method presents itself which gives you a result you're happy with! Although it might seem unlogical, it's very important to keep a lot of grey in the white areas.

This tutorial is pretty good, I think:

Please remember to get a picture of that birthday cake!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Awesome, thanks for the link Noeste! That will come in very handy! :)

I'll be sure to get some pics of the birthday cake. It's not until next month but I want to make a start on the fanatics as soon as possible so I don't have to rush them! :D