Friday, 25 September 2009

Vela The Performer - Quick Pic


noeste said...

I love it!
Nice shading on the cloth, both for the "doll" and Sigvald's cloak. Really nice set of colours, and what a sinister look on the pumpkin head!
Well done!

noeste said...

Owh, and forgot to ask, what have you used for the strings? And come to think of it, are you able to get some strings attached to the marionette's feet aswell, or will you leave it at the arms?

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thank you Noeste! :D Really glad you like him! I'll post some better pictures (probably after the weekend) with updated background and maybe even some short story fluff as well!
I'm quite pleased with the cloth bits and the breastplate of his armour as the shading came out how I wanted it to which was really nice. I'm happy with my colour choices too. As I said I did a lot of research into colour theory and did plenty of complimenting contrasts for colours on the marionette, the book and Vela himself. Hopefully it will pay off and I'll place in the painting competition this Sunday! :D

As for your question: The strings are a very thin thread (which was an absolute pain to work with!). I had intended to have strings to the marionette's feet as well but once I got the arm ones on I think it would have ended up far too cluttered so decided to leave it.

noeste said...

I do hope your research pays off! Either way, remember to bring your camera to the competition so we can get some pictures of the other work aswell!

Enjoy your assembling project, 53 models wow! Remember to open a window, or else I fear the amount of glue will melt your brain!

The_King_Elessar said...

That puppet looks awesome. Kudos indeed warranted for that.

Shrink to Fit said...

Fantastic model! What a great, original character.