Thursday, 17 September 2009

Vela The Performer - A few more WIP shots

As Noeste guessed. The mini for Vela is a converted Sigvald The Magnificent.
I've done a bit more since these were taken but still got lots to do. Needs a lot more work on shading etc. One question mark I have is the mask. I want him to have it to hide the minis face. I'm unsure whether to add a creepy nose to the mask or leave it as it is. Does anybody have any opinion on that?
The mini is Sigvald, with an Empire Wizard hand for the book (which is Vela's copy of 'The Merchant of Marienburg'), and a flagellant hand holding the marionette 'control bar' (oh yes, I've been researching marionettes!).


Mordian7th said...

Looking really good! I'd suggest adding a nose to the mask, seems like the "domino mask with nose" is fairly warhammer-ish. Perhaps something similar to Devotee Malicant?

Schnitzel said...

The mask looks fine to me. I'm more partial to a Phantom of the Opera esque mask style though.
I had no idea this model had bare buttocks! No wonder it's a Slaneshi character! lol.

noeste said...

I'd say keep the mask as it is. Looking very good by the way, have you made the marionette yet, or how's it going. Keep it up, will look awesome when finnished!

Shrink to Fit said...

Fantastic model! I like the mask as-is. If you add a nose-piece, it might cover up too much of the face.

Can't wait to see it completed.

unforgivenangels said...

Well done mate! I really like the colour scheme of this fella, he certainly looks as characterful as I expected from your creative hands! I was sorry to hear that you opted out of the group, but not to worry I look forward to much more of your fantastic work!


Elazar The Glorified said...

Glad to see the majority is with the mask as is, that was the direction I was veering in but wasn't sure if it looked ok. Thank you everyone for your repsonse!

Schnitzel: He's wearing some kind of chainmail briefs actually but in typical Slaanesh style they leave a lot exposed and very little to the imagination! :o

Noeste: Using the Jack o' Lantern from the Famous Familiars pack as the Scarecrow Marionette.

Unforgivenangels: Thanks, was gutted to have to pull out but just couldn't keep up that pace sadly. I'll still be hanging about and checking out everybody's work though as it's a very talented group! :D