Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Games Workshop Application

Thought I'd share this with you. I submitted it with my application for the position of Trainee Studio Writer with Games Workshop. This short story did me well and got me through the first stage of the application process but sadly I didn't earn an interview after the second submission. Such is life, it's been a learning experience and I've enjoyed challenging myself to write the necessary bits. I might post the 3 parts for the second stage at some point...
Decided to go with a Mordheim theme for a bit of a change!

It had happened in a matter of seconds but to Adelbert it had been a lifetime. The Marienburger crouched behind a ruined corner section of wall that may once have been part of a house. Adelbert cursed his eldest brother as he checked his person for wounds, if he’d inherited his father’s shipping company then he wouldn’t have joined the blasted mercenary band bound for Mordheim. At the time they’d pressed him and he had nothing else to do, foolish bravado making the idea seem sound.
The ratmen had appeared from the shadows and dispatched the men around him with swift efficiency. He’d survived on instinct alone. A wild thrust of his rapier had caused the black shrouded creature to hesitate in its attack and Adelbert had managed to contact matted fur and flesh with the dagger in his off hand. He’d turned and ran then, scrambling through the rubble and debris of the ruined city. He was certain the ratmen had followed; he hadn’t made it difficult for them, blind panic had fuelled his flight not caution. He pulled the feathered hat from his head and set it next to him as quietly as possible. Then he heard the clatter of clay bricks falling over themselves as padding feet disturbed them. The acrid scent of poisoned blades followed the sound and Adelbert knew that the creature stalking him was very close. Tightening his grip on the hilts of his blades he leapt from cover, ready to meet his fate.


noeste said...

Nice read!

Post the rest *smiles*

The_King_Elessar said...

It's quite good, I enjoyed it. Was that for the "Hardest Battle of your life?"

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks :)
Yes, this bit was for the 'describe the battle of your life' part. I decided to do a short story snippet like out of the Mordheim rulebook or something as I figured I could show off a bit more with that than taking it literally in any way! :) The second task was writing a Bestiary entry, product description and a small Tactica box-out for the Space Marine Rhino. I found it a little tougher and wasn't as happy with my submissions for the second part as I was with this for the first part so wasn't completely surprised when I didn't get past that point. As I say though, was an interesting learning experience!

The_King_Elessar said...

Sadly, I didn't get one in on time. Shame. Next time though.

Yours is good, I'll have to get to practising then, lol.

Davey said...

Nice, will have to put something in about the children