Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Vela The Performer - The Stage Is Set

A very hastily assembled mock-up of Vela's base. A mobile stage from which he can inflict his plays on the Old World! Let me know your thoughts!


noeste said...

I like the idea, but I got two concerns:
If you're to finish the whole thing by sunday, doesn't so many extra models leave you with a lot to do and very little time to do it?
Secondly, uhm, will he count as being mounted on a Daemonic Mount, or how else will you explain the big base gamewise? Or is it only meant as a exhibition-piece?

Anyways, if you got the time for it, I think it'll be awesome, but personally I'd switch out the heads - unkempt beards ain't very Slaaneshi to me - might just be a personal preferance, though.

To save time, you could obt for a floating disk - not of Tzeentch of course! - but he is after all a sorceror, and who says he can't have a M4 disk floating him around the battlefield? Could get him on 25 mm base aswell, I believe.
Just an idea tossed into the wind.

Elazar The Glorified said...

Well the unkempt fellows are just lowly slaves taked with carrying Vela's stage until they collapse with exhaustion and are replaced. Ragged seemed the way to go with slaves. They were going to be for another project but I have enough left for that. Does give me a lot more to paint and time will tell if that backfires or not :S

To be honest, he's on a 50mm base but will probably move to a chariot base after the competition because the maximum size for entries is that... Chariot will probably work better... and I see you saw my heresy. I'm not sure, I keep toying with the idea but usually go no further than that as I don't actually know what I'd swap my Slaaneshi marks for! :D

noeste said...

Owh, I was just browsing a gallery, and I found this:
If you could tilt the marionette control bar, or make it as big as this one, then maybe you could fit him on a smaller base, and then you could drop the idea of a palanquin, and not only save yourself the trouble of painting those extra models, but also you wouldn't need to stray from Slaanesh!

By the way, it's a really talented artist who runs Necrotales, and if you find the time, browse through his galleries, so many wonderful conversions and paint-jobs!

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for the link Noeste, that's a lovely sorcerer. Not going to be able to match that sadly. Yeah, Vela is on a regular base again at the minute. I started thinking. I created Vela to be a support sorcerer in my army and with palanquins and the like he became a little bit too much I reckon. Will save that idea for something else now!
And don't worry, I'm sticking with Slaanesh. The more I thought on that idea the less it appealed to me. I enjoy playing mono-Slaanesh. It's more of a challenge and particularly rewarding when it works!
Got a 4000pt game this weekend against my mate's Warriors of Chaos. His are mostly Tzeentch with a few other marks thrown in for good measure. Going to have to build up a few units to bulk out my numbers though. So once I get Vela finished (should be tomorrow) I'm going to have to get my finger out and build them up! :o Hoping to do a proper battle report for it as well. If I remember to take pictures and notes! :D

noeste said...

Yay for staying on the one and only true path of Chaos! *thumbs up*

Yea, maybe he became a bit too much for a hero, with bearers and all. But regarding the whole marionette-issue, I just thought if the guy at Necrotales could fit his marionette without having the sorceror elevated too much, then so could you!

Good luck in the grand battle for the weekend, wish you the best, and with any luck the Gods of Dice shall be on your side for keeping to Slaanesh, hehe.