Thursday, 12 November 2009

Battle Standard Bearer WIP Mock-Up

Did a mock-up of the finished Battle Standard Bearer model. Lots of pinning, and gluing done but even more greenstuff and fixing of things to go!

As you can see, still lots of work to do around the arm holding the banner. Getting rid of the tentacle was a nightmare and now I have to build up again now, I'm thinking I'll put a small Marauder round shield on the arm as well. Please let me know what you think! Any suggestions etc. will be greatly received and now is the best possible time to make them so I can fix things!


Corvus said...

my only comment is the position of the banner: it should point away from the figure instead of waving in front of it.

Consadine said...

The banner does need shifting, but not necessarily pointing. If it were being held more outstretched, it would be out of the face of the mini.

noeste said...

I like what I'm seeing!

Couldn't help but notice though, that the bannerpole is slightly off above his hand, compared to under it. When constructing the weapon for my Dragon Ogres, I found that pinning poles to hands, makes it way easier to controll their direction - as long as the pole is thick enough to take the drill and pin, that is...

And you were right, the head looks very good now (must have been the blue-tac that made it look wierd to my eyes in that first post about the BSB of yours). I think the round Marauder shield sounds like a good idea - should also save you some time from sculpting as well. When is it due for that painting competition?

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks guys.

@Corvus & Consadine: First I should probably point out that the first picture in the set is the front of the mini just in case there is any confusion there. This way round he ranks up quite nicely which is why he's positioned on the rock that way, he can go on the left hand side of a unit (I'm a fan of characters out to the flanks of units!) Personally I'm quite happy with the position of the banner, I didn't want the banner too far away from the rest of the mini as it's already huge and transporting it isn't going to be the easiest thing to do :s Thanks for your comments though, I'll play around with different poses but I think for ease I'm going to stick with roughly what I've done for the mockup.

@Noeste: Yeah the banner top (and pole) isn't actually glued in place yet, I put it on a pin going into the hand but I bent the pin trying to balance it all to take pictures! Hehe. Should sit a lot straighter when it's glued properly and I've greenstuffed the gaps there! The banner pole is just about thick enough for the pin, was very touch and go though!
Glad you like the head now, it does look better proportioned now it's glued in place and the blue-tac has gone.
That was part of my thinking with the shield. Will save some work trying to build up the whole arm again. H20 on Warseer suggested using the round Slaanesh shield from the Sigvald mini, I have that and the crescent style one from the mounted Slaanesh lord and plenty of Marauder ones so I'm going to try them out and see what looks best to my eyes.
The painting competition is 29th. Got lots to do and fast! Hehe!

Big Jim said...

Looking great so far matey! I really like what you've been doing lately, keep up the great work!