Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Battle Standard

I wanted to show a quick WIP pic of the Battle Standard at the minute. It's a lot of work cutting the little bits how I need them and I'm still a little unsure if it looks good enough to carry on with. So, I'm leaving it to you guys to decide. Honest opinions please!

The idea being the souls of those defeated by Elazar's armies become trapped in the banner as some kind of scary half-living (in a spiritual sense at least!) trophy cabinet and they're all obviously rather desperate to get out of Elazar's prison. If people think the idea is worth pursuing still then I'll be adding more hands and faces yet!


noeste said...

I really like the concept, but there's still something that is not right..

Not sure if it'd work, but if you tried to make the faces look more like they were -part- of the banner, and not coming out of it, it wouldn't be so "messy". To me it looks a bit like the faces and hands are coming out of the banner, and not that they are trapped within it, if you get what I mean.
A suggestion would be to do the "face-off" closer to the face; I think you've cut the heads almost on the middle, no? Anyways, much closer, so the faces would be thinner and not stick out so much. Same for the hands, I think it'd be really cool if the hands were only 0.5 mm thick or so you could try to use that milliput around, so it looked like the hands pushed out from within the fabric of the banner, but were unable to breach the barrier and get out.

An alternative would do something along the lines of what "Nepthilim" at Warseer did with the cloaks of his Warriors; he sculpted screaming faces onto them. You could mix that in with the plastic faces for a nice effect I think, at least if you made them thinner and more in touch with the fabric of the banner.

Looking forward to seeing how this progresses!

Consadine said...

If you add GS to smooth out the transition from banner to the bits, it'll turn out fantastically. Reminds me of Vlad von Carstein's cloak:

noeste said...

Owh, to save people from googling after Nephilim's Warriors, here's a link to what I was talking about:

Elazar The Glorified said...

Thanks for your comments guys. Lots of interesting thoughts. Hadn't really noticed that on Vlad's cloak until you pointed it out Consadine.
I was going to try sculpting the faces into the surface of a banner but I don't think my GS skills are good enough to make it look anything other than comical :S Will try and make the bits look more like part of the banner with some more cutting and more green stuff!
P.S. I do love Nephilim's Warriors, they look great.