Tuesday, 10 November 2009

The Devotees To-Do List

I have a 7000pt battle against my mate's Skaven in a fortnight. Obviously this is going to be a mammoth battle with a hell of a lot of Chaos Warriors charging across the table (not to mention the obscene amounts of Skaven there are going to be!). So I was sitting working out what I had and what I would need to borrow to make my army up to 7000pts and then started doing a to do list in three categories.

To Build:
2 x Warshrines
Exalted Hero on Chariot
20 Marauders (less than this now as I have used some for the Mordheim warband)
5 Marauder Horsemen
Chaos Lord - Amador
Battle Standard Bearer
2 x Sorcerers (possibly 3rd as I have enough bits for a possible 3rd)
Shaggoth - Aaracturious
or Chaos Dragon ridden by Zorion The Resplendent

I plan on buying a second Carnosaur. I currently have 1 Carnosaur and 2 heads. I intend to build a Shaggoth (Aaracturious, the ancient Shaggoth who sold his soul to Slaanesh when his brother Shaggoths swore not to relinquish their souls and whose children are the Dragon Ogres in my army) and a Chaos Dragon (I plan on this one being a two-headed version of the one in the back of the Bretonnian army book). I plan on starting one soon and leaving the other until a later date. Just can't decide which I'd like to do most. I think I'm veering towards the Shaggoth because it might see more use in my army than a Dragon but both conversions really appeal to me.

To Paint:
12 Warriors w/Halberds
10 Warriors w/ Additional Hand Weapons
Mordheim Warband
Sorcerer - Isidro Devante
6 Chaos Knights with Lances
10 Warhounds
Movement Trays

A lot of these still need a little green stuff work and some of these are half painted (such as Be'Lakor!). I also want to do some new movement trays for the army so I've put them in this category as they just need painting etc.

To Repaint:
15 Marauders with Great Weapons
12 Warriors with Great Weapons
Sorcerer mini-diorama
Bases for most of the current army!

I want to repaint Neron (the current BSB) and he'll need fixing as he'll be losing his banner once the new BSB is built. Gaizka I'm not sure on, I'm fairly happy with the mini I'm using (although I think I could do a much better job now) but I also have another mini in mind for him so he might instead end up in the to build section.

Quite a lot to do. On top of that of course, there's the new Beastmen out February. Now, as a former Beastman player I'm finding it very tempting to start purchasing some of the nicer old minis (especially the Mordheim ones) and Beast Herd units in preparation. The Bestial followers of Elazar The Glorified will no longer skulk in the woods, but instead will go to war!

P.S. Of course this all bodes very poorly for the Angels Exemplar, 40k keeps finishing a way behind Fantasy in my priorities.


Kuffeh said...

That's a mighty big list you have there. Good luck with that lot, I'm looking forward to seeing your conversions and more painted minis.

noeste said...

7000! Oh my, and against a horde army aswell - how large will the battlefield be?
Both the Shaggoth and the Chaos Dragon sounds like great ideas - is the dragon from the Bretonnian book made out of a Carnosaur you say? Always wondered what it was made from!

Best of luck with it all, looking forward to Warshrines - found out what you'll make them out of yet?

Elazar The Glorified said...

Kuffeh: Thanks, yes it is quite the list. Certainly got enough to be getting on with hobby wise! Hopefully start getting some painting finished soon!

Noeste: Yes going to be a nightmare. Not entirely sure how large the battlefield will be, probably as many tables as we can pinch at our gaming club before anybody else gets them! :D Turns out it's more than a fortnight away, got my dates wrong slightly though :(
Yep, the dragon is a Carnosaur with some green stuff work to modify the pose and lengthen the neck etc and some wings. I really love the dramatic look of the pose and want to try and recreate that with a chaos dragon and a sorcerer lord riding it. The Shaggoth I'm thinking Carnosaur for the lower body, Keeper of Secrets for the body and to tie it in with my Dragon Ogres would probably try a dragon head or some such to keep the reptilian look.
As for the Warshrines, I have a few ideas (and a corpse cart sitting in a box amongst other things) so will see what happens when I set myself loose in the Bits Cave!
The problem I have is I've now already planned out Slaangor conversions for the future Beastman army!
Hoping the plastic Daemon Prince comes out with the Beastmen as I've had a conversion half planned for Elazar The Glorified himself and desperately need the plastic Daemon Prince to make it! Doh!