Saturday, 14 November 2009

Something Stirring In The Woods, Plus Other Blogginess

I have to say, I'm finding myself getting quite excited at the prospect of raising a new Beast Herd. I've started planning out purchases and even started cooking up army fluff!
Truly now, the Empire is doomed, even as The Glorious Host threatens its northern borders an evil stirs from the woods within...

Kuffeh (of Grumpy Stunty fame) has started a new blog. The Trading Post. The idea is that The Trading Post will be a hub for Warhammer Fantasy Battles blogs. I think that Fantasy is a little under-represented in the blogosphere and hopefully The Trading Post can go some way to counter this. Head over and take a look, make sure if you have a Fantasy blog you let Kuffeh know about it so it can be added to the blog roll! The Trading Post also plans on covering Blood Bowl and Mordheim.

My hobby time has been under siege this last week. I've become slightly hooked to Blood Bowl on my son's Nintendo DS. It's lots of great fun and I've played quite a few games now with Elazar's Glories (Chaos team obviously!). My Minotaur is driving me mental with his constant failed Wild Animal rolls though! Would love to see what it's like on the PC as the DS version has I'm guessing slightly simplified options over the PC one (although seems to me to be a faithful recreation of the board game). Just got to teach my son to play it now and then Elazar's Glories can have some Goblin bashing fun!

I'm probably not going to get much done on my minis this weekend but middle of next week I'll hopefully have an update for you! Fantasy players get yourself over to the Trading Post now!