Wednesday, 11 November 2009

The Devotees of Elazar - More BSB Work

Finished all the pre-painting work on the Daemonic Mount (apart from drilling some holes into the legs so that it attaches to the base well)

I added an hourglass and a key to two of the chains. The other two are the standard for a chaos warrior/skull collecting enthusiast. I really like the idea of an hourglass and a key, they're two very mysterious items that add a bit of depth to the character of the mini. Well I think so and hope that I'm not alone in that!

Also I've redone the banner. I tried doing press-molds but made a bit of a meal of the ones with faces so just went ahead with chopping up faces. Doing some more press molds for something else soon so will post some more on that at another point.

It might not be clear but the shape at the top is the eyeline from a giant, I'll be greenstuffing the rest of the lines for a Daemonic face there, and the hand towards the bottom of the standard will be shovelling the faces towards it (will try and go for a nice fanged, open mouth). Got lots of greenstuff to add to this yet but will post more pics when it's further along.


noeste said...

Aaah, so Elazar - or at least an avatar of his - is literally consuming those poor souls trapped in the banner? Wicked!

I like what you've done to that Daemonic Mount as well; hourglass and key are from the Flagellant sprue?

Elazar The Glorified said...

That's the plan. The souls trapped in the banner are subjected to an eternity of torment and their screams and cries can be heard outside of the realm of chaos, through the banner, terrifying the enemies of The Devotees. For the newly captured souls, being consumed by a daemon is only the beginning of the suffering...
Yeah, the flagellant sprue is really, really great. So many little bits are findng their way from that box set into my conversions. Thanks for commenting! :)